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Tying Your Business to Charity With PR

September 30, 2010 by  
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An effective tool in public relations and marketing is getting your business involved in charitable events throughout your community. Many businesses choose to donate to a local nonprofit organization, while others choose to take on a bigger role and host special events to raise funds for specific organizations.

When our client, Dieci Lifestyle Spa, wanted to host an event to benefit Susan G. Komen, we were excited at the chance to marry the salon business with a fun and unique event that brought awareness and raised funds for breast cancer research. We could have held a gala or auction, but we really wanted to get across the upscale nature of our client while touching on a young, hip audience, so The Hip Event created a high-energy fashion and hair show that melded beauty, music, shopping and charity. Not only did we raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research but we were able to create a unique fashion event that served out client and the local community.

Non-profit, or charity public relations has become a unique tool to gain awareness for a businesses and the charitable organizations. Dieci Lifestyle Spa’s Scratch the Surface event not only helped gained awareness and donations for a Susan G. Komen, but it also helped to put our client in the spotlight. Our public relations efforts surrounding this event helped our client gain notoriety in the local community as well as salon industry and they were featured in a variety of news outlets including: The Star Ledger, Day Spa and WXRK’s 92.3 NOW!

How Public Relations Becomes Management

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Public relations remains to this day a vital part of any organization. It is still the way to link organizations to consumers with the purpose of reflecting any kind of positive image of any products or services. It has also been sticking to its traditional role of reaching out to audiences with specific messages. While these characteristics are still in effect and make up the bulk of what a public relations specialist is all about, the field has emerged with more than just trying to get a message across and has taken on an even bigger role of what has been called a “reputation manager.”

Reputation is arguably the single most valued organizational asset. A specific relationship exists between reputation and success of an organization. Negative reputations can damage or destroy an individual or organization. Public relations isn’t just concerned with publicity anymore, but more so about overall strategic communications.

With social media continuously on the rise, it is blurring the lines between citizen journalism, marketing, and news because they are becoming vehicles for people to get their news even faster. This is in turn jeopardizing reputations for organizations and people everywhere, even faster. This is why reputation management is taking up a chunk of a public relations specialist’s time. It has become so crucial in the field of public relations.

Reputation management does not just go into effect when a crisis occurs. It involves developing proactive strategies to keep an organizations image positive all the time. A good image is a terrible thing to lose and may never be obtainable again if lost.

Reputation management will continue to become a major focus of public relations because the strategic approach speaks messages more clearly to the public.

The Benefits of Social Networking for your Business

It seems now more than ever that social networking is taking over everyone’s lives. It is in a good way of course, because there is no better way to get your business’ name out there than by using social networks. Crazy idea, yet not really.
Social Networking sites, such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and more have become online networks that can help your business tremendously! These websites can help you find the right people to hire for your business, market your product effectively, and maybe even find a manufacturer.

These social networking sites give a business the ability to market their product or service to a variety of different people. Since online is virtually the fastest news source nowadays, it helps a business to engage with potential customers faster and more directly and easily.

If your business has a website, social networking helps to create more buzz around your product, brand, or service because different links to your website can give you the benefit of the search engine ranking. Being involved on a social networking page also gives your business the benefit of you looking like an actual human being. Meaning you are “hip” and up to date on the latest trends in the world to give you a more fun and positive image. And social networking is definitely a big one. Overall, it is the cheapest and easiest way to get your name out there and remembered.

Boosting Business with Public Relations and Special Events

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In today’s economy, independent retailers have been struggling to stay afloat. Fashion boutiques are working harder than ever to compete with department and stores and are struggling to gain as much attention in the community as the bigger stores. One way that independent retailers are now increasing business is through their public relations outreach and in-store special events!

Keeping customers happy, while exposing your boutique to new clientele is the key to a successful independent retail business. By offering patrons unique in-store events, you will create a fun, hip atmosphere that will drive traffic to your business. Whether it’s a wine tasting or “sweet treat” cupcake party, offering customers exclusive discounts and promotions, you are sure to draw even more business for a successful event!

Promoting your special event, no matter how big or how small, is the key to draw in guests and create a buzz around your event. A press release distributed to local media contacts will allow you the possibility of being featured in a community paper or on-line news site. The second way to promote your event is through social media communication. Make sure you tell your Facebook fans about your event and “invite” them with a Facebook invitation; this will give you a good opportunity for your customers to promote your event through word of mouth, or the “click share” of Facebook!

For small boutiques, the best way to stay in business is to stay on top of people’s minds. Special events coupled with strategic public relations outreach allows you effectively get your name out to the public, increasing a boutique’s awareness among local target consumers.

Blogging Techniques for Business

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A blog can be referred to as a frequently updated web-based journal that is intended for general public consumption. While it is a good tool to voice opinion and relate different ideas to web users, it has proven to be a good tool for business owners as well.

There are currently around 14 million blogs on the internet. More are constantly added everyday. According to other sources, 30% of all 50 million internet users are blog readers. That is a lot of blog reading. It might get boring for all the readers, but it is great for businesses.

Business blogging can be a very powerful tool. It allows a company to communicate with consumers and has potential to help you achieve other business objectives. There are many advantages to business blogging.

First, the internet is very fast and effective so it is very easy for information to spread quickly about your product or service. So many people have access to electronic forms of communication nowadays. This is also helpful if you have a brand new product or a clever marketing strategy. Creativeness draws attention to your company as well.
Another advantage is that blogging opens the door for personal communication. Everyone, especially consumers, can comment on your blog and you can respond. This creates an honest image for your company and allows feedback.

Feedback is also helpful to your business. It is also important to keep in mind that not all feedback will be positive. Negative feedback is beneficial as well because it can help you improve your business.
Lastly, blogging on the internet is a very fast way to get information out to people. It is the fastest form of media. This helps you and other bloggers to receive and send news faster.

Blogging can be about anything. It is a form of marketing and advertising that can benefit your business and help it to grow to new heights.

Special Events and the Media

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A public relations campaign can be defined as a program of promotional activities intended to accomplish a specific objective. The objective of a campaign is usually to develop a good image for your business and to draw attention to it. The media and special events help to achieve this objective. They are the most important parts to consider when putting together a campaign because these will help send your message to your publics.

Special events are important because they help draw attention to your cause or business. They are a great way to get multiple media outlets to come to you and give you free exposure.

In order to get messages to your publics through the media, the media has to be drawn to your special event or conference associated with your public relations campaign.

The media needs to be amused by what your event will entail. It is important to get creative and host a fun and interesting event. This will intrigue the journalists and make them want to cover your event more. It is also helpful to get a distinguished person to host or present your message to the public. The media loves to cover celebrities and well-known people at events. They know the audience will be more attracted to the event if an important person is there.

While the event needs to be interesting, it also needs to be easy for the journalists to attend. This is why it is important to be straightforward and clear in your press release, have reserved parking for them close to the venue, have a flawless media check-in, and a reserved media area.

Catering to the media and journalists help make the event go smoothly and keep them focused on the important message trying to be delivered. If the event is difficult to cover in any way, that is all the journalists will remember.

Special events are also important because they help you to develop long lasting relationships with the media and people associated with the event. You want to develop contacts in the industry for your business.

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