Friday, December 19, 2014

HIP Tips from Leah

Hey HIP fans!

My name is Leah and I am a current intern here at The HIP Event. This is my third internship in the Public Relations/Writing fields so I have a boat-load of tips for aspiring interns and employees.

What is my number one tip? Google Google Google!

I swear by it. Why? Because your internship supervisors don’t want you to ask a million questions. They have things to do during the day too. If you don’t know how to do something, Google it! A few weeks ago I didn’t know how to create a press kit. Yes, I know I should, but I didn’t. I typed “Public Relations press kit” into Google and voila! It only took a few minutes and I learned how to put together this vital part of PR.

Remember that YOU have the tools at your fingertips to learn anything you need to. Check Google, YouTube, Ask Jeeves, etc for tutorials on whatever you need to learn.

Good luck! Check back every week for great tips from all the interns here at The HIP Event.


Handling a Business Crisis

December 24, 2010 by  
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Crisis’s can occur everyday, everywhere, and to everybody; even businesses. In the professional world, it is important to always be prepared to face any obstacle with your business public relations strategies.

When a crisis occurs within your business, whether it be a product recall, sexual harassment suit, or any other unfortunate event, your organization’s reputation is at stake which is why it is so important to implement a public relations crisis management strategy into any business- large or small!

A crisis can be anything from a product recall or company scandal (like Enron) to something a bit more gossip-driven like infidelity (like Tiger Woods), but all crisis’ can be handled with the same public relations tactics to maintain a good public image.

The most important thing to remember when handling a crisis is to face the problem head on. Address the public by holding either a press conference or issuing a press release acknowledging the problem and let the public know what you or your business is doing to rectify the situation. By acknowledging the problem and offering up solutions to rectify it, you are showing the public that you are taking swift action to ensure everyone’s best interest.

It’s important to remember to take swift action when addressing the problem. Waiting too long can make the public think you have something to hide, but if you address it too quickly you may be ill-prepared for the barrage of questions that are certain to come your way. It is best to respond to a crisis within 24 hours, this gives you enough time to prep yourself on the situation, meet with a crisis public relations specialist and prepare a strategic plan that will ensure the situation is dealt with correctly.

Businesses and public figures may lose all credibility and eventually fail due to a crisis handled improperly. Across northern New Jersey there are pr agencies that are dedicated to crisis communication management and are helpful in identifying and managing risks for companies that could hinder the success of their business.

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