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What is Digital PR?

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This is a guest post by Jack Russell

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Essentially Digital PR is brand promotion through various online channels. Just like traditional PR, Online PR can be reactive in responding to a crisis management situation, or proactive by implementing a planned strategy for online promotion.

There are five key tools in building online brand presence:

1. SEO - searching is the number one way to find information online. You can optimize this by identifying key search phrases and using these to improve search visibility.

2. Social Media – Social Media is a vital tool for Digital PR because it allows you to engage directly with your audience. Social Media platforms vary from blogging and forums to Facebook, LinkedIn (business networking), Digg (social bookmarking) and Twitter (microblogging). In order to build good dialogue it is essential to be open and useful to social media communities.

3. Digital assets – good Online PR strategy relies on good content. The nature of the internet encourages good content in a variety of forms such as video, audio and podcasts alongside the more traditional written and image formats.

4. Blogging – when used correctly, and when they are well optimized and strategically linked, blogs for specific brands can be an incredible PR asset. Other key bloggers are more likely to engage with you if you have your own blog as a referral point.

5. Search and Social Media Monitoring – It is very important to have some sort of system, where you can assess what was received well in the online community and what wasn’t, to help shape future strategies.

The most important thing to remember with Digital PR is to be transparent; the online community is generally suspicious of anything overly advertorial or branded; if your content must be branded then be honest about it.

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