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Public Relations and SEO

Technology is changing all the time and with it, the way we do business and communicate. When approaching your business’s public relations you can never be too far ahead. As the world of business relies more and more on the power of the internet, and subsequently search engines, it is important to know how your social media public relations campaign can benefit from the latest techniques. The ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website and thus exposing your business to potential new clients.

With the advent of social media, websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn seek to connect people, businesses and clients alike, together. Yet, scouring the massive amount of data for specific information can be exhausting. That’s where your favorite search engine comes into play. Whether it is Google, Yahoo! or Bing, search engines allow users to search the internet for anything they please.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process by which a website can display near the top end of a search result list. Search engines like Google return results based on the information and keywords that are present on your website or social networking page. For example, if you were to search for public relations event planners in New Jersey, The Hip Event is one of the first search results because of the numerous references to public relations and event planning. The key is to strategically place keywords throughout a website’s copy.

A great tool for providing more space to infuse keywords is through a weekly blog. The blog is not only a great place to store these keywords but also provides invaluable information about your business, the industry as a whole and any special events applicable. Furthermore, through many blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, etc.) you are able to tag, or list, the keywords associated with each blog post. By tagging your posts appropriately, you can ensure that search engines are picking up phrases that you want searchers to find, hence driving traffic right to your door.

Communication via social media and the internet is tantamount in the digital pr world. What you write has a huge impact as to who will read it so remember to get your message across with keywords that will drive people to the place to read your news.

The Power of Viral Marketing

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Sometimes, the internet can be a company’s best way to get quick attention from thousands upon thousands of people. One of the best tools in online public relations is the utilization of a simple viral marketing concept- a YouTube video.

YouTube videos have been known to take people from no-name to household name in the matter of weeks. Recent videos like “Bed Intruder” and “Charlie Bit Me” became sensations almost over night and gained attention from media outlets all across the United States. Old Spice has been known for their funny “Old Spice Guy” commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa, but the commercials actually gained their cult-like following on the internet, and the company continues to pay tribute to this with social media public relations campaigns on Twitter and Facebook.

The YouTube video of 12-year-old Greyson Chance singing Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi made him not only a web sensation, but a television sensation after the aspiring singer/songwriter was found by Ellen producers and asked to perform live on her show. Teen heartthrob and superstar Justin Bieber is another internet sensation fairytale story. He was discovered by music executives after posting homemade videos of himself singing on YouTube.

A clever or funny video on YouTube can catapult your brand overnight into a sensation that everyone will be talking about at the water cooler. With the correct digital pr campaign, which should include a heavy “viral” focus including sharing your video on Facebook, Twitter and different networking sites, you can ensure that your business receives the most attention that it can based on your videos.

Tweet This! – Twitter Public Relations

One of the most effective social media public relations tools for a business is Twitter. This online social site has grown tremendously in the past two years and boasts over 105 million registered users. Here are a few ways that you or your business can effectively utilize Twitter as a public relations tool.

Make Yourself an Expert
If you’re a business or consultant, you can take advantage of Twitter by tweeting messages pertaining to your businesses trade. Keep up with the current news stories and make daily comments that include your opinion on the hot topics, positioning yourself or your business as an expert. You may one day get an unexpected email from a news outlet that needs a quote from someone in your area of expertise!

Engage Customers
You can also utilize twitter to engage consumers. More and more large companies are dedicating social media public relations staff to manage their twitter and Facebook pages. If a consumer tweets how much they love their new product from your company you can engage them by offering up other products they will love! You will promote additional products to not only your happy customer but their followers as well.

Get Feedback
Businesses are also able to use Twitter to get quick customer feedback by monitoring trending topics about a particular product. If hundreds of twitter users are bashing a company or their products, a business may need to rethink the quality of products they are offering clients. Alternately, if hundreds of Twitter users love your product or brand, you can leverage this news in your advertising and public relations strategies, playing up the fact that there is a positive buzz around your brand!

Twitter can be an effective social media public relations tool that, if used correctly, can help your business grow through viral outreach. So, if you’re looking to expand and promote your business, start with the free Twitter tool.

The Benefits of Social Networking for your Business

It seems now more than ever that social networking is taking over everyone’s lives. It is in a good way of course, because there is no better way to get your business’ name out there than by using social networks. Crazy idea, yet not really.
Social Networking sites, such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and more have become online networks that can help your business tremendously! These websites can help you find the right people to hire for your business, market your product effectively, and maybe even find a manufacturer.

These social networking sites give a business the ability to market their product or service to a variety of different people. Since online is virtually the fastest news source nowadays, it helps a business to engage with potential customers faster and more directly and easily.

If your business has a website, social networking helps to create more buzz around your product, brand, or service because different links to your website can give you the benefit of the search engine ranking. Being involved on a social networking page also gives your business the benefit of you looking like an actual human being. Meaning you are “hip” and up to date on the latest trends in the world to give you a more fun and positive image. And social networking is definitely a big one. Overall, it is the cheapest and easiest way to get your name out there and remembered.

Benefits of Location Based Networking

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In an age of marketing, it is no surprise that social networking has become the leading way to promote your business in a fast, cheap way. Now with location-based social networking, promoting your business can be done even faster.

With new applications such as Foursquare and Gowalla accessible on smart phones, people are allowed to comment on locations using text messages. 3Giphones and Blackberry support location-based applications. Wireless companies are even creating, partnering, and buying these services on a daily basis.

These new applications have many benefits for your business. The biggest benefit: free advertising. These applications help to promote your business positively and effectively. Businesses can offer discounts and other numerous perks to existing customers that can in turn network and chat about the great deal or service they just got.
Another benefit is how this networking lets you connect to others. When you have this application, it may act like a Twitter account and can lead to impromptu meet-ups with customers or even friends that can have a good effect on your work if you know they are in the same place as you.

Location-based networking also helps you to just plain socialize like you would do on Facebook or any other social network. It keeps you friendly and down to earth while still promoting your business and meeting new people.

Lastly, a benefit of this networking technique is all the helpful tips and reviews you can see about your business and what others post about you. It helps to know what customers really think of what you offer. Both of these services also allow users to find out where their friends are visiting and can benefit from the shared information others have left about other locations. This may help you improve your business in the long run.

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