HIP Hot List: Fun Ways to Burn Calories!

With the crisp fall weather approaching rapidly, those strolls in the park won’t be an option for your workout anymore! Let’s be honest, people aren’t the very best at committing to an exercise routine unless the have an appointment with friends or a trainer. For this very reason, group exercises are a great way to motivate you to exercise on a regular basis! Not only will you have more fun exercising, but you can also expand your social circle. Why not break a sweat with some fun classes that are conducted right in the beautiful garden state of New Jersey!

There’s No Place Like Om

Stretch out the stress and roll out your yoga mats for an intense hot yoga session with PowerFlow. When entering the studio you get an instant feel of serenity and zen with their dim lighting and soft hues of wooden branches used as décor on the walls. This steamy oasis, as Chatham Patch describes it, is a good way to lower blood pressure, help shed weight and relieve stress.

Join the Dance Party

Have you ever watched Shakiras’ “Hips Don’t Lie” video and wished you could move like her? Now you can by joining the constant party going on at Fiesta Fit. Their programs range anywhere from simple Zumba Fitness classes that include easy to follow dance moves to the advanced Zumba Gold Toning classes which offer dynamic resistance training and muscle strength building. Anything that uses Latin-infused music to kick off a workout definitely our hearts!

Kick it up a Notch

Want that full body sculpting workout that can give you those delicious abs you’ve always wanted? Get started with some CrossFit classes by Guerrilla Fitness! The workouts are adapted to each individual’s ability and experiences, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind! We’re not the only ones crazy about CrossFit, Jessica Biel is reportedly a fan of the program and who doesn’t want a body like that?

Fight Like One of Charlie’s Angels

The confidence of Cameron Diaz and physical fitness of Lucy Liu doesn’t come as easily as it looks! At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts you can gain all these traits in just one class. With a gym in the heart of Hoboken, you can’t go wrong with some fun activities after a long hard workout!

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