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5 Tips for being Irreplaceable at Work

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According to Cosmopolitan’s Simone N. Sneed, a career strategist and social entrepreneur, there are five promising pieces of advice we could all benefit from using at work. Listed below are his findings to be a stronger link in your career chain.

1. Take advantage of educational opportunities.
“Does your company offer an employee assistance program? Take the initiative and reach out to your human resources department or your supervisor and ask him or her to walk you through all the professional development opportunities available to you. Whether it’s a free workshop that will teach you computer coding or reimbursements for college tuition, many employers want to keep hardworking people. Show them you’re worth the investment and stay sharp for future opportunities.”

2. Build better relationships with your co-workers.
“Just because you have a job doesn’t mean that you’re done networking. Most people spend at least 40 hours per week at work, so the people you work with are a huge part of your life. Use your time with your colleagues to build relationships, ask about their interests, and learn about their families. When you deepen your workplace connections, you increase the likelihood that your name will come up first when a new opportunity arises.”

3. Show off your other skills.
“The best way to keep your job is to prove you’re valuable. Maybe you were hired to manage the social media accounts, but you also have experience working in sales or volunteer management. These experiences can be great pathways to job stability. When a new project starts, offer all your skill sets, not just the ones you were hired for.”

4. Remember that your culture is an advantage.
“More than ever, companies are racing to catch up with the evolving American workforce and consumer markets. Your unique perspective as a Latina woman in America is becoming increasingly valuable. If your workplace has a multicultural affinity group, don’t just join it — lead it.”

5. Establish your own professional brand.
“It doesn’t matter if you are an advertising executive, an accountant, or a bank teller — you need to build your own brand. Keep your social media accounts up to date, start a blog or website about something that interests you, and always be mindful of how you portray yourself online, because many employers check your social media accounts.”

List provided by Cosmopolitan Magazine's Simone N. Sneed, career strategist and social entrepreneur. 

Welcoming 2014!

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There are few things ladies love more than a good pampering and since it is a New Year, we thought some at home spa tips would be a lovely way to wipe the slate clean and usher in the New You! Here are some simple tips on how to do just that…


1. Treat yourself to healthier meals

2. Light candles

3. Catch up on Magazines

4. Play music

5. Take a bath

6. Give and get a massage from your significant other 

7. Brew your own loose leaf tea 

8. Buy a new robe from Brookstone, they’re too comfy not to!

9. Embrace nap-time…

10. …with cucumbers on your eyes for 15

11. Make a fruit smoothie 

12. Do an at home deep-condition hair treatment

13. Warm-up your lotion before applying

14. Exfoliate 

15. LED Lamps are reasonably priced at CVS for an at-home gel mani

16. Soak your feet in green tea

17. Dance the night away, the way you can only do in your bedroom

18. Try a facial mask

19. Unplug: Phone, Internet, TV free for 24 hours

20. Curl up with a good book

21. Give yourself quiet time: Meditate

22. Do a work-out tape

23. Heat your towels and robe by throwing them in the dryer for 10 minutes

24. Use essential oils on your skin (Hint: Vitamin E recommended)

25. And finally…

New Year, New You

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2014 is a countdown away,

Here are some suggestions to keep life fun, light and sweet.


  1. You’re never too old to Play:  There is science behind the adage that “Couples who play together, stay together.”
  2. Embrace Laughter: Go to a comedy show or just watch more comedy movies, laughter is still the best medicine and laughing together builds relationships.
  3. Learn to Listen: You can’t listen if you’re talking and often times we can benefit from really hearing another point of view.
  4.  Practice Faith: Regardless of the religion, couples who practice faith often stay together longer and are more satisfied according to Psychology Today. Believing in something greater or even practicing Buddhism boosts togetherness.
  5. “I Love You, More”: Even though we might already know our significant other loves us, increasing messages of affection improves the health of a relationship.
  6. Keep the Cell Phone at Home: Studies show that the presence of a cell phone on the table, even if untouched, decreases the satisfaction of the conversation.
  7. Work your Imperfections: Knowing and accepting imperfections will make you a stronger more efficient person allowing you to better yourself and be happier.
  8. Take Vitamins: Proven and powerful, vitamins are a natural way to be a better you!



A Hip, Happy and Healthy Holiday

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With resolutions on the mind for a new year, The Hip Event would like to send a healthy, happy holiday wish your way. Here are some of our best wishes for you in the New Year…

  1. Be Well: Eat Healthy to feel healthy as food reflects in our mood.
  2. Find your Namaste: Kickboxing? Pilates? Hot Yoga? Whatever brings you peace of mind and pushes you to be a better you!
  3. Be a Book Worm: Whether it’s the Oprah book list, joining a book club or browsing Barns and Noble- stay alert with a book.
  4. Learn something: Make a new meal, find a catch phrase in a different language or pick up an instrument you’ve always wanted to learn. It’s never to late to get in touch with yourself in a new way.
  5. Find Time: Plan ahead for a date a month with your girlfriends somewhere you’ve never been-try a day at a winery!
  6. Invest in Yourself First: Open a savings account and put a small portion of your paycheck away every week! This will add up and you’ll be glad you did.
  7. Get Organized: Have you heard about the Neat Scanner? Visit to combine all those business cards in an online document that will change your life! Tidy your closet as well, small things make a big difference.
  8. Get Om in Nature: Proven to relax the mind and calm the clutter of life, find seclusion by yourself in nature and appreciate all the beauty around you everyday.
  9. Upgrade: If you have the same flip phone, take the leap and upgrade to a smart phone. Invest in Brita and find out what all the buzz is about. Change is the only thing that’s consistent so go with the flow!
  10. Subscribe: To Psychology Today, National Geographic or Entrepreneur Magazine and learn something valuable every month.

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think.

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A forensic artist was supplied with a drafting board and asked to sketch the same women twice as described by themselves and a stranger and the outcomes are surprising. In this inspirational piece you can see how confidence can literally depict the picture you paint to the world around you. The bottom line is you are more beautiful than you think, and we agree. Let’s up our confidence this New Year and resolve to show the world a more beautiful picture of ourselves.

Check it out here:


Beyonce does it again!

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Self-titled visual album “Beyonce” was released in an unorthodox manner on a Friday with no prior announcement except for a social media post verifying the album’s official release. The album contains 14 audio tracks with 17 videos to accompany them.

Said to be the game-changer iTunes announced the album has become the fastest-selling worldwide “with an unprecedented 828,773 albums sold in just its first three days.” “Beyoncé,” the superstar’s fifth studio album, broke iTunes’ first-week sales record in the U.S., with more than 600,000 copies sold.

“Firstly, the fact that she recorded and then released it completely unbeknownst to everyone means that the reception it’ll receive is going to be even more jubilant, more outrageous than it would’ve been, which is actually hard to imagine given the veracity and enthusiasm of Beyonce fans to begin with,” writes Dale Neuringer of the site Bustle.

Queen B does it again- make sure to check out this amazing silently released visual album on iTunes!

Gifts for Everyone under $150

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 For the Beauty Guru:

Eos lip set, $9.99

For the Artist:

$8.09 Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencil Set:

For the Party Planner:


For the Commuter:

$19 iPhone 5 Wallet:

For the Health Nut:

$20 Fruit Infusion Jug:

For the Man Cave:

$29.95 Custom Wall Mounted Bottle Opener:

For the Foodie:

$125 Walnut Custom Personalized Cutting Board:

For the Little Guys:

$30 Hug-a-lot Hooded Bath Robe:

For the Eccentric:

$12 Monkey Tea Infuser:

For the Pet Lover:

$20 Wipe Paws Runner:

Fisher-Price product, savvy or impersonal?

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Fisher-Price puts out a new product called “Apptivity Seat” retailing at $80, an iPad is hooked up in front of infants chair for entertainment- but is it educational or invasive? Fisher-Price describes it as, “Soothing, entertaining and technology all in one great grow-with-me seat for baby! Lock your iPad device inside the case to protect from dribbles and drool. Play and learning are at baby’s fingertips.”

So what’s the verdict for mom’s? Is it smart to entertain baby or too inhuman since they’re strapped in without a choice? Will this become the new tech babysitter? According to Today moms generally aren’t happy with the new Apptivity Seat from Fisher-Price and has actually been questioned to be “the worst baby product ever.”

Despite reviews the iPad bouncy seat is projected to be a hit this holiday season. The concept for newborn to toddler learning is modern and like most things, best in moderation if at all.

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