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Solving PR Challenges: Using the Right Tools for the Job

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If one word can define the nature of public relations it is Strategic. From phone calls made to the layout of a step-and-repeat and everything in between, pr specialists make specific choices based upon client needs and campaign objectives. But the will to succeed alone is not always enough. To aid in their campaign progress, [...]

The Power of Viral Marketing

Sometimes, the internet can be a company’s best way to get quick attention from thousands upon thousands of people. One of the best tools in online public relations is the utilization of a simple viral marketing concept- a YouTube video. YouTube videos have been known to take people from no-name to household name in the [...]

Tweet This! – Twitter Public Relations

One of the most effective social media public relations tools for a business is Twitter. This online social site has grown tremendously in the past two years and boasts over 105 million registered users. Here are a few ways that you or your business can effectively utilize Twitter as a public relations tool. Make Yourself [...]

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