5 Perfect looks and Makeup Ideas for your Valentine’s night out

Valentine’s Day is the day to go all out in every possible way. Given that February 14th is designated as the day for love and romance, you will never regret the time and attention that you give to your appearance. Everyone is different and needs to focus on their true attributes. In order to attain your best look, take the time to do an honest assessment.

Your assessment may look at certain factors, such as body size, weight and shape. Do you have beautiful lips, eyes or a great smile that needs to be accentuated? Is your hair especially fine and free-flowing? Maybe it is thick, full and lustrous. All of your attributes deserve significant attention, in addition to special treatment. No matter what your characteristics are, you can benefit, in total or in part, from the following considerations when searching for that perfect look.

What Is Your Perfect Look?

1. The Sexy Look:

  • Choose a dress that allows you to move freely and gracefully while draping the curvatures of your body. Red, pink, black or white are usually the chosen colors for Valentine’s Day attire. Possibly select something that is silver and sleek that shimmers in the light. Add red accessories to the outfit. You may add a delicate red belt, or a silver belt against a silver dress with a red scarf and red lipstick. All of these ideas will appear stunning. Tints of gray and blue-gray for the eyelids with a touch of silver all blended nicely together are complementary to any chosen color. Conversely, add silver accents to a red or black dress. If you have chosen a white outfit, then use touches of red and gold. You can go bold with white by adding black accessories and stunning make-up. It is easy to dress sleek and sexy on this particular night of the year.

2. The Casual Look:

  • A casual dress with Valentine colors is appropriate for casual style dining or a drink at a bar. Try impressing yourself with the dress, or a skirt and blouse with your nicest jewelry. A pants suit is exceptional when going casual to a restaurant or bar. Private parties may expect a certain type of dress. It is good to ask the host or hostess what dress is preferred.

3. A “Little Girl” Look:

  • This look is befitting for someone who is very small. Something with lace or other frills becomes a possibility for a night out on the 14th. The look can be accentuated with your hair done in curls, braided or simply straight. Delicate jewelry and shoes with tiny straps are most appropriate for this look.

4. The “Thrown Together” Look:

  • If you are so inclined, you may want to choose some unusual style of dress with an array of unusual accessories. A floppy hat can top off your attire. Despite all the differences in what you select for your elements of dress, they can be well coordinated for a great and very stylish appearance.

5. The “Surprise Everyone Look:

  • A simple straight lined dress or a pants suit in black with very few accessories is not really a surprise. The surprise is in the make-up and hair styling. Take a lot of time to perfect both. Use make-up that nicely contrasts with your complexion and your hair color. If both are darker, then use very pale lipstick, blush and eye colors. Wear your hair in a totally different style that you have never tried before. If your complexion and hair are pale, then choose something bolder in lip and eye shades. Again, try a new and somewhat “luscious” hair style.Whatever your choice of dress, hair style and make-up, enjoy this very special night of the year. Cupid just may visit and bless your evening with lots of love.

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