The Art of Celebrity PR

You’re an up-and-coming actor and just landed a small role in Michael Bay’s next big Blockbuster but you have no idea how to tell the world of this news. The simple answer is to hire a public relations firm!

From the moment someone decides to have an acting (or music) career, they must know that if they are not in the spotlight, then they won’t become a star. Hiring a public relations team from the beginning will give you a leg up on your peers and give you the resources you need to succeed in the competitive acting world.

Celebrity pr is about more than just gossip magazines and news sites. It’s also about appearances on late night television shows and feature stories in well-respected magazines and newspapers throughout the world. It’s about attending the right V.I.P. events and being seen at the latest hotspots in NYC and Los Angeles. It’s about building your fan base- one Facebook friend at a time!

The right pr agency will be able to help identify your audience and target them and the media, accordingly. Justin Beiber appearing on the cover of AARP magazine would make no sense, but if he appeared on the cover on Teen Vogue, he would be directly speaking to his target audience and build a bigger buzz around him as a brand.

Whether you’re a reality star, soap opera actor the next action hero, Hollywood can be a competitive world. With the right mix of talent, press exposure and drive to succeed, you may be the next big A-lister!

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