Choose The Classic Photo Booth or Vintage Polaroids to Make Memories

The Hip Event’s tenth and final step for planning the perfect event for any occasion.

Today’s Tip: Chose The Classic Photo Booth or Vintage Polaroids to Make Memories.

The day is finally here! Your party is well under way, the guests are arriving, everything is perfect and your about to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Hiring a photographer isn’t always necessary. There are tons of ways to have guests remember the night. One fun way to engage your guests to have a little fun is by having a photo booth. Photo booths are suitable for any party and any event. Most guests enjoy the involvement of a photo booth and the interaction they have with other guests by using fun props. Print out photos can also double as party favors for your guests to take home to remember the night!

Another fun way to have guest make memories is to kick it old school and provide polaroid cameras for guests to use. This is a unique and inexpensive alternative to a photo booth that will entertain your guests. You can even provide sharpies for guests to write fun messages underneath their photos to take home or pin up on a board for all the other guests to see!

Whatever way you choose to make memories, it’s that you make them is what counts. Whether you chose to go with the classic photo booth or with vintage polaroids, your guests will have a ball either way. You’ll want to look back one day on the amazing party you threw and having those physical memories will thank you.






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