Comparative Shopping: Take the Pressure off Events Planning

Fact: A website monitoring firm reports that, as of March 2011, Twitter has 106 million accounts, 3 billion requests each day and 180 million visitors. Twitter is a rapidly growing social network with no end in sight with regard to growth potential.

Fact: A bride to be or a corporate special events planner could easily lose days in Cyberspace Celebration Wonderland sourcing vendors.

Fact: An Event Services Broker (ESB) is the best resource for tried and true industry talent. She/he can scan, select and save time for a client. An astute one can spot a lack luster “follower,” as opposed to an industry leader, from a monitor’s mile away.

The potential to be overwhelmed by single handedly creating special events weighs heavily on many people. Yet, a single click can open the door to a plethora of venues and adjunct event services to ease the troubled mind. Each link represents a tease of services to lure the viewer in for a smattering of what is available. Sites such as Facebook or Twitter sire your “friends” and “followers” into the search process, leveraging these trusted sources to offer opinions and insights for shared interests.

Inherent in any research process is the concept of comparative shopping. With that in mind, it is hard for a viewer to resist seeing what others may bring to the party table. Additional sites welcome prospective clients with open arms. Hours, days and even weeks can fly by without a promise of “happily ever after.” The dynamic is best likened to a guest at a wedding, gorging their self during the cocktail hour, and not leaving any room to consider the five course feast to be served throughout the evening. Your online search efforts may well be better spent on finding an Event Services Broker to present options in a customized and clear cut manner.

“Grazing” at a cocktail hour is amongst the best courses of action when attending a wedding reception. A little bit here, a little bit there. Find out what you like. The same approach is easily applied to exploring Twitter or any other expansive social network. Looking into attractive links provides a viewer with the information necessary in order to form an educated opinion, aesthetic vision, taste level and budget. It hints at the personalities being presented. The ability to blend these personalities is a welcome gift bestowed upon a client from a seasoned ESB after a cursory glance (or taste test!) of cyberspace has been given.

Peek at prospects. Sample the services presented. Take a taste and determine levels of trust as to knowing exactly how much is available in the event industry. Network part time in order to gain greater perspective on party throwing and event planning. Resist the urge to gorge and miss out on the rest of the festivities! Leave over indulgence to the expert whom you hire!

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