Fall 2013 Nail Trends

This fall people are going to be looking at more than just your outfit. Be aware that your nails are becoming more and more a part of your outfit. Your manicure can now be considered an accessory. So to save you the trouble of spending those extra ten minutes wandering the nail salon looking for the perfect color, here’s a guide to some of fall’s hottest nail tends.

If you like to keep your manicure simple, just transition from those light summer pinks to darker colors, like oxblood or even black. Black isn’t considered “goth” or “emo” anymore and can ad a chic finishing touch to an outfit. If black isn’t your style go for deep shades of red and maroons. The warmer shades will keep you toasty as the temperatures begin to drop.



If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than just a plain color, try a pattern in the same warm colors as above. Black and white nails will always be in style and it adds a little fun to these simple shades. You can try polka dots, chevron, stripes, or more intricate designs. If you think black and white is still a little boring for you then try adding little touches of gold or silver to break the patterns up.

If you end up loving the sparkle of the metallic gold and silvers more than the black and white, try another on-trend nail style and go for solid metallics. Don’t be intimidated! These shades can work as neutrals and add a little sleekness and chicness to your overall look. Plus you still have options, you can do silver, gold, or even colors like blue!

If you’re a little more daring, and plain colors, patterns, and even metallics aren’t doing it for you then 3D nail art is for you. People have been coming up with all sorts of things to put on your nails. Some are indulging in the caviar manicure, some are toughening their nails up with studs and spikes, and then some are adding jewels and bows and all kinds of things. Pick little things to match your personality. 3D nail art can be done in neutrals, black and white, or any color your heart desires. It really gives you free range to express yourself, as you should be able to.

If you just can’t decide between all of these amazing trends to do, remember that you can always combine them. Do patterns in metallics or caviar in black and white or add studs to oxblood nails. Fashion is about making choices to fit things into your own style. Let your nails work for you. I guarantee if you try any of these trends, style will be at your fingertips!

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