Fashion Public Relations Tips

So you have just created a brand new fashion line and need a way to tell the world about your creative project. One of the first things that you should be thinking about is press exposure and your public relations efforts. Here are some of The Hip Event’s best fashion PR tips for emerging designers!

Connect with the media
Getting your new designs in the media can be a hard process, but with the right fashion pr know-how you’ll be well on your way to seeing your fashion line on the pages of InStyle in no time! Start by creating a look-book of your line’s best designs and send it, along with an accompanying letter, to editors at top fashion magazines and suggest a meeting where you can bring design pieces to them. By allowing the editors to get to know your designs, they will be more apt to call-in collection piece for their upcoming stories.

Engage the Public
There are many ways that you can engage your target consumer. One of the best ways is meeting them face to face at small VIP events in key retail locations. A trunk show gives a designer the opportunity to meet with perspective clients and show off designs to the community, engaging them with the designer collection and giving them a more personal connection to it. It’s an excellent grassroots approach to develop a loyal customer following.

Connect with Local Celebrities
Celebrities have a huge influence on what people buy, so if a celebrity is wearing your creation, you can be sure it will be a major “want” for people across the globe. Connect with your local celebrities (North Jersey is the epicenter of reality television right now, so your best bet is to connect with a Real Housewife or Jerseylicious cast member!) and then do a bit of celebrity pr- send photos of celebrities wearing your designs to celebrity blogs and weekly magazines so they know you are the new up-and-coming designer that’s making a splash in Hollywood!

Whether you’re just starting out or are an established fashion brand, you can never be exposed TOO much, and implementing effective public relations strategies will allow you to connect yourself to the world in a positive way.

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