Five Fashion Tips for Any Intern

Hey Everyone!

My name’s Olivia, I’m one of the interns here at The Hip Event for the summer. I’m sure one of the biggest concerns first time interns have is what to wear. I know I was panicking on my first day. I mean trying to find a balance between looking professional while still being me isn’t easy, but it is possible! Here are a couple quick tips to get your fashion juices going:

1. Dress to Impress. I know you’ve heard this over a million times, but dress to impress! You are stepping into a new work force and you want your fellow co-workers to take you seriously. That means always come to work looking presentable and put together. This will really help gain your colleagues’ respect and it may even start up some conversation.

2. Maxi Dresses. Maxi dresses are a girl’s best friend for any summer internship. They are easy to wear, keep you cool in the heat, and look extremely chic. Try pairing one with wedges, a blazer, and some bold jewelry. Not to mention there are so many different styles and patterns that every woman is bound to find one that matches her personality.

3. No Short Shorts. Depending on how casual your office or work place is, shorts are totally acceptable.  You do have to be careful, however, of the length and style. Shorts that are mid-thigh or walking shorts in dressy fabrics, such as tweeds and light cottons, are what you should look for when picking out shorts for work. Save the booty shorts and ripped jean shorts for a night out with the girls. As long as the shorts are dressy and long enough, they can really be a staple in these hot summer offices.

4. Stylish Shoes. Shoes are the finishing touch to any outfit, but it is important to still consider practicality. If you’re an intern you never know what tasks will be thrown at you. Whether it’s running errands, decorating for an event, or attending a meeting- whatever it may be you have to be prepared and so do your shoes. So my tip is to wear shoes that you can run a marathon in. Try comfortable wedges, flats, and sandals and save your feet from that five o’clock feeling.

5. Have fun with it! Just because you’re in an office setting it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your clothes. You can still incorporate your favorite colors, patterns, and styles just with a little more moderation. Also try adding personal touches like chunky necklaces, a flower headband, or a red lipstick. In fact, working in the fashion and PR industries is a great way to find out new trends and then try them on for size!



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