Five Informative Intern Facts

Hello fellow interns! I am Danielle, part of the Hip team and I have been an intern here for two months now. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge, starting from how to create a press release to how to conduct myself in an office environment. Everything that I have experienced has made me more prepared and educated for the work force.

Here is what I think the 5 most important things to remember as an intern are…

Be on time. Being on time shows you care and are responsible. Never underestimate meeting the basic job needs. This is one quality that every boss looks for in their employees.

Dress to Impress. Always wear clothes that will make a statement. Depending on your company’s dress code, you need to abide by the rules. You are a representation of the company you work for, so keep it classy! My general rule of thumb is, if your grandma would not okay your outfit, then you most likely should not be wearing it to your internship!

Have a notebook and pen on hand. Always make sure you have a notebook and pen with you at all times. It is important to record anything that is said during meetings or tasks you are given. This makes you look responsible and will help you stay organized, not to mention on top of your game!

Stay on top of social media and news. Know what is going on in the world. The more you are aware of, the smarter you come across. The latest gossip or world information can help you when you are dealing with clients, events, or pitches. Also, social media has gotten to be such an impact in our lives and knowing how to use it can only help you in the long run.

A charged cell phone and GPS. Depending on your internship, you may be asked to attend events outside of the office. Having your cell phone ready to be used and a GPS that will get you from A to B is something that will benefit you. Don’t use your phone during office hours, but understand that if you travel, you should have a fully charged phone in case of any questions or if there is an emergency.

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