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It is no secret that the skills needed in order to be a successful public relations practitioner have expanded and we find ourselves integrating inbound marketing tactics. Public relations in the past has always focused on promoting a message to a specific targeted audience to help build awareness and drive sales. Now that public relations is moving towards digital PR, content marketing, and inbound marketing all public relations practitioners are learning new skills and adapting their processes to fit the change. Here are some tips to help you start integrating inbound marketing into your PR strategies!

Place educational articles on credible, well-trafficked blogs, and magazines.

As PR practitioners we are used to the traditional byline article which is an opinion piece that is published in a print magazine or trade publication. But in order to keep up with the times and to keep your clients business relevant incorporate some inbound marketing  by writing up an educational or entertaining piece that would be published online. Show your audience that you are an expert in what you are writing about through a blog post or an article posted on a media site or magazine that relates to your subject!

Enhance your press releases for search (SEO).

A similarity between public relations and inbound marketing is helping your clients be found.  And another inbound marketing strategy that will help your consumers find your clients in a heartbeat is by attaching popular keywords that is related to your topic on your content. All you have to do is Google “keyword research tool” and use the free Google AdWords tool. Simply enter words that are related to your topic from your press release or blog and it will identify the top keyword phrases to tag into your content!

Recycle Your Work for more than one task!

A third inbound marketing strategy will help create maximum visibility for you by re-using previous content for other PR efforts. If there is any way you can redirect your content in different ways while making it easily sharable will help your visibility over time and maximize readership by using social media. For example if your writing a case study take some time and turn it into a captivating blog post for a trade publication and a white paper for the website, then send out links to both via social media!

Share clients content with other businesses that share the same interest

If you find that your clients blog content is going unnoticed or there is no buzz being generated about it then it’s time to take action. Another smart initiative inbound marketing offers is search for other blogs or articles on the web that are similar to your clients, then post a comment on these blogs with the hyperlink linking back to your clients blogs post! It will help generate traffic to your clients website and blog creating more awareness to the public! In the end all PR practitioners are trying to improve their results with less time and that is why it is important to get full use out of every resource!

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