HIP Hot List: Best Places to go in NJ!

As the summer is quickly surging past us, we usually get to a point where we are a bit uneasy, wishing that we had partied as much as possible, met random people that could have changed our lives or simply ventured out into the great beyond; ultimately leading us to obtain some sense of enjoyment out of new things that we had yet to experience. No need to be bitter ladies and gents, even with the final days of August approaching us it may not be too late. Okay! Let’s be honest. There is no time to be backpacking Europe, but you can still explore the little wonders of New Jersey!

Ladies Night Oh What a Night:

Ready to put on that LBD (Little Black Dress) and strut your stuff in those new Choos? Well, here’s a place that is positively perfect. Chakra Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge will not only have you salivating over their divine dishes, but leave you in complete and utter awe of their décor. And let’s put it this way, if it’s good enough for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, its good enough for me.

Good Eats, Good Beats

Perhaps it’s the Latina in me, or maybe, just maybe, I am absolutely head over heels for this place. Some restaurants hit it, while others miss it, but Zagat rated Cuban Pete’s in Montclair is surely a hit. Never, did I ever think for one second I could acquire the very essence of Little Havana in Jersey, and yet here I stand. With their Ropa Vieja, vast assortment of Mojitos, and Fedora top servers, I am sold.

No More Food on the Brain, but Shopping’s Your Game?

Let’s take a little zip down to Monmouth County’s very own, Coco Pari. The one and only one stop boutique that makes a girl feel as if she’s waltzing down the couture filled streets of the City of Love. AKA: Paris, France

Nothing but a Walk in the Park

Every now and again one needs to take time to relish in Mother Nature and luckily for those of us that live in New Jersey, we are fortunate to be apart of a place known by many as “The Garden State.” So, if you are willing to have a go at it, take a nice long visit to Ringwood Manor.

Diamonds are not a Girl’s Best Friend

Despite the words of the iconic Hollywood starlet, Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are undoubtedly not a girl’s best friend. Now if we are speaking of spa services at Caldwell’s Aura Salon and Spa, it couldn’t be anything short of just that. Prepare to be pampered and indulged in facials, massages, and mani-pedi’s galore. Enough said.

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