HIP HOT LIST: What Our HIP Staff & Favorite Celebs Swear By

Here at The Hip Event we are always staying up to date with the latest news, hottest items, fashion trends and much more. Our staff wants to stay HIP and in the know so we make sure to keep up with our favorite celebrities since they know best!

Below are a few of our favorite stars and the must have items they swear by and so do we!

1. Jersey Style-Voli Vodka


Melissa Gorga our favorite local NJ native and star of Bravo Tv’s, “Housewives of NJ”, is the official ambassador of Voli Vodka. The reason she loves it is because, “It tastes great but it’s something you don’t have to feel guilty about.” With the holidays coming up and parties, everyone is bound to be doing a little extra eating and drinking. And now you can splurge a bit. Voli Vodkas have up to one third fewer calories than other brands. One of our favorites is espresso vanilla fusion. Try it out everyone. Cheers!

2. Commit to Kardashian- Kardashian Kollection for Sears

It is evident that America can’t stop trying to keep up with the Kardashian’s, after all their products seem to be fit for everyone. Their Sears line has everything from lingerie, accessories, clothes, shoes, and more. It’s the perfect fi for any fashionista. The best part about it is the price point. Checkout the line today!

3. Asian Persuasion – Cle De Peau Beaute Concealer


There is nothing like a little Asian persuasion, especially coming from this fellow Charlie’s Angel who has one of the most flawless, ageless faces on the big-screen. So what’s Lucy’s secret? Perhaps, a dab of Cle De Peau Beaute Concealer does the trick?

This little stick of magic covers anything and everything that a girl would want to hide.  Even our little naughty all-nighter friends, “dark-circles!”

4. Singer’s Delight – Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizer


From the American Idol stage contestant to the Dream Girl, Jennifer Hudson  has worked her way up to the star she is today, looking sensational each step of the way, nonetheless. Probably thanks to her little treasure, “Organic Root Stimulator: Hair Fertilizer.

”Healthy, vibrant, full hair is always key to looking fabulous no matter what age you are. With this little organic bottle of goodness, all of your problems can be solved. It’s restoring agents, the fertilizer works from the root to get your hair to it’s best state ever. Get yours today!

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