How Exclusivity is Changing the Male Grooming Industry: Male Grooming and Exclusive Salons

 As women, we may not always take into consideration how much added pressure we put on men to look good. In today’s society, there is more pressure than ever for a male to look good because if a man isn’t well groomed, it is automatically assumed that he cannot take care of himself. If he can’t seem to look like he can take care of himself, how is he suppose to be the man to take care of another suitor? That is why proper male grooming has become such an important aspect of an everyday lifestyle and why exclusive male grooming salons are saving the day.

There are quite a few salons out there who cater specifically to the male beauty, but what possible motives does a man have to go out and get a full on beauty treatment? Some guys hear beauty treatment and it immediately sounds emasculating in their minds. Well here’s the catch; going to a male grooming salon will make a man more desirable because of how well put together he will come out looking. Buying the right clothes and having the right style is only half the battle. If the hair on your head as well as the hair on your face looks like a disheveled mess, no one is going to care about that Burberry collar peeking out of your perfectly tailored suit. Masculinity is changing to the point where spa treatments and beauty grooming are becoming part of the modern man’s regime. The rise in male grooming services is simply meeting the demand. A 2013 report by marketing firm JWT has found that the statistics for males seeking beauty and grooming treatments are on the rise because of the increased pressure they feel to look good. Aside from all the lavished accommodations that come with going to a grooming salon, you leave with the feeling of not only looking great, but feeling great as well.

So where can a man from our area go for a spectacular lifestyle change by jumping into the world that is Male Grooming? John Allen in NYC is this nation’s premier male grooming club. As the male grooming industry began to grow, so did John Allen’s. He has various salons all throughout the city of New York and due to demand he has expanded to locations in California and Toronto. From hair care to skin care, they do it all and all at the exclusivity towards the male. What they specialize in at John Allen is making the beauty industry more masculine by making a man feel like a better and more clean cut version of himself. By visiting their website you can see all the essentials that John Allen has to offer including membership packages and beauty products to maintain the look and feeling of a “real man.”

Want the same exclusivity in your own backyard? A brand new male grooming salon by the name of Dieci Uomo has just opened in Livingston, New Jersey. At Dieci Uomo they pride themselves in modern day masculinity, health, innovation, and exclusivity!

“At Dieci Uomo, which translates from Italian as the Dieci Man, our mission is to provide the ultimate male grooming experience by providing exceptional haircut and hair color services, hot shaves, hand & feet grooming, waxing, facials, and massage in a sustainable, sophisticated yet relaxed environment.”

What Dieci Uomo essentially offers is a modern day salon for men accompanied with a full menu of men’s beauty and grooming services that promote a healthy lifestyle. They have done everything possible in order to create an environmentally sound building as well as giving it the ambiance of a private club. This is not only perfect for those men out there who may feel too embarrassed to walk into just any regular salon and receive any ordinary beauty treatment. It is also perfect for those men who love that feeling of importance and exclusivity. What can me more maculating than that? For more information visit their website and don’t hesitate to sign up.

So if you are a man or know a man who is in need of a lifestyle change, the path towards male grooming is the way to go.


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