Importance of Organization

Hey everyone its Danielle! Today I am going to tell you about the importance of organization at your internship. When in the office, we have a bunch of responsibilities that need to be accomplished. Without organization, it can get difficult to remember the who, what, and where of every task! To help prioritize and stay on top of everything, you need to practice individual and team type organization at all times during the job.

Individual organization is up to you. Digital or hand written, lists or schedules, note pads or sticky notes; there are so many different ways to keep yourself organized. It is important to find a system that works for you, even if no one else in the office understands it. When I am in the office I like to keep short hand written lists in my note pad of what needs to be accomplished for the day/week, making sure to date every page. Throughout the day, I highlight what I have accomplished by writing small notes on the side incase I need to remember specific information about the task. Key symbols like stars and colorful dots can be used to mark the most time-sensitive tasks from the least. At the end of the day I start a new page for what I did not finish, so for the following day I know what I have to get done before starting everything else. If you haven’t already, you should start keeping a calendar so that you can mark special events with your company or just keep track of your work schedule.

Team organization is also vital to the success of a company. When you first get to your internship, there is most likely a system already set in place. It is your job to understand and comply with the system that your company has established. At The Hip Event, teamwork is vital for interns because we do not come in every single day. On the days we are not in the office, we want to make sure all of our files are easily accessible for our coworkers. To stay organized as a team, we make sure to date everything and save our work in the proper folders/files marked with the appropriate labels.

Organization is an essential skill that you will have to use at your internship and throughout life. Individual and team organization skills help keep everything running smoothly, so start thinking of your own personal system and learn about your company’s, as well!

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