Intern Survival of the Fittest

As an intern, make sure you are always reading the news. Watch news channels, search the web, listen to the radio, or pick up a magazine at your local store. Do whatever it takes to stay on top of what is going on in the world. Even picking up on catchy phrases or ideas can help when it comes to pitching ideas to your co-workers.

Also, having access to social media is another important thing. Social networking sites provide a fast and easy way to get information. Being able to maneuver around those websites will help you when working with a client. However, always remember that once you post content on a website, social media, or on the internet in general it will be seen by everyone. Therefore, pay attention to detail, stay updated with the latest news, and technology, and always double check your work before it goes live.

Lastly, be professional. Always come to work on time and prepared to take on a new challenge. Dress to impress! Wearing professional attire every day will let your team know that you take yourself seriously and want to make a good impression on those around you. Use appropriate etiquette and take pride in the work that you do. Be polite, smile and, as always, don’t be afraid to simply be yourself!

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