Keep Your Guest List On the Conservative Side!

The Hip Event’s sixth step for planning the perfect event for any occasion.

Today’s Tip: Keep your guest list on the conservative side

Creating a guest list can get a little tricky. When you’re planning an event or party, you’ll want to invite all your friends and family to spend whatever special day you have planned. However, over-inviting can cause some stress down the road for any planner.

Always be sure to put into account your venue and your menu. Every extra person you invite increases the price of both these important party planning components. Especially if on a budget you will not want to increase prices across the board.

Being aware of your venue’s maximum occupancy is also important. You will not want to invite 200 people to a venue you booked that only holds 50. Always be sure to keep your number of invitees on the conservative side. When you over-invite, you’ll be holding your breathe every time you get an RSVP back and cause way more stress than needed.

There is also some guilt when planning parties on whether you should invite certain people or not and a helpful tip that is widely shared is to use the 1-year rule. If you have not spoken to them in a year it is ok to skip them when placing them on your guest list.

Whether it’s a small gathering or a huge event, a guest list should always be made. Everything else that contributes to your party is based off the number of guests you are going to have. Being aware of your budget is important and never over-invite to avoid stress and awkward situations. Either way, creating a list is a super important step and deserves a lot of consideration and thought.


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