Lady Gaga’s ex emerges as artist 8-bit!

A shocking revelation of persona 8-Bit was made Thursday night at a Private Media Event for Cary Nokey hosted at The Box in Manhattan: Grammy award winning producer Rob Fusari, former Gaga boyfriend and producer of the FAME album, is 8-Bit! Cary Nokey is a newly formulated EDM grit meets glam band consisting of 8-bit and DJ ValNtino.

“My life has been love and distortion. I am warm but blurred—a walking bit reduction. I am 8-Bit!” – Rob Fusari, or should I say 8-Bit, announced Thursday to start the Cary Nokey show.

As a music record producer, Rob Fusari built the career of Lady Gaga from 2006-2009 including name, image and Grammy award winning songs such as “Paparazzi.” After his successful founding and artist development with Gaga, Rob found himself at a loss for fresh talent to develop. Months of searching left him at a stalemate to better the industry with cutting edge music.

The big break came all at once November 26, 2012 when Rob realized the magic captured within his soul should be expressed genuinely through him! This was the ignition of the persona 8-bit. After 15 years of production he consistently used a signature distortion of either a particular element within the song or over the entire mix. This distortion was his integration of analog in an overly immerse digital industry causing a smearing warm effect on his tracks.

Get ready for the next Gaga, enter 8-Bit.

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