New Jersey’s Buzzing About Reality TV

There has been a lot of news surrounding New Jersey and reality TV recently. Whether its Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, or The Real Housewives of New Jersey, buzz abounds. Despite the ongoing controversy that these shows tend to predicate, businesses across the Garden State are clamoring for a piece of the action.

And we’ve been there since the start of it.

One of our goals as a public relations firm is to form strategic connections for our clients that will benefit their business now and in the future. We do this through traditional PR, social marketing and special events. To give our publicity efforts a little extra kick, we often bring in a local celebrity to be a part of the push. From our earlier work with Gatsby Salon before it became the home of the Style Network’s Jerseylicious and our ongoing efforts with Dina Manzo and her Project Ladybug organization, we’ve managed to not only bring attention to our clients but also lasting engagement and success.

The secret? Simply recognizing a trend and making sure we’re a part of it. Name and brand recognition happens at the speed of light these days, so it behooves businesses both large and small to act quickly to take advantage of opportunities popping up. This includes celebrities. Remember: reality TV stars are still regular people who work and live similarly to the way the rest of us do. In order for them to capitalize on their burgeoning TV success, they must start locally with products and services available from their own backyards. Local reality TV celebrities are more likely to stay in the hearts and minds of fans long after their initial foray into TV ends by being seen and supported in their hometowns, counties and states. Whether its a select endorsement contract or a special guest appearance by a local reality TV star, your business will see many returns.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your company’s name and brand recognition, consider getting in contact with us. Creating buzz for business is what we do best.

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