Pick A Date That Is Perfect for You

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Today’s Tip: Pick A Date That Is Perfect for You.

Deciding on a date could be a lot more strategic than some people will assume. Picking a date is easy, but picking the perfect day takes a lot of thought and consideration.

When planning an outside event, you must always take the weather into account. In New Jersey, some may find August too hot and March too cold. The perfect months for such a bi-polar state like our own would be from April-July. Popular wedding dates include the months of June, September and October because of the beautiful weather of early summer and fall.

Of course, for indoor events, weather probably doesn’t mean a thing to you. Always be mindful if planning an event in the winter months of the possibility of a snowstorm. Such can prevent guests from travelling. New Jersey just had an unpleasantly long winter, which turned spring weddings into winter-feeling weddings.

Other party planning items could also be affected by the date in which you choose for your event. Planning an event in January, but want peonies to be the centerpiece for all your tables? Some plans may need readjustments due to which flowers may be in season.

Another trend that some party planners tend to do is plan their party on a major holiday such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Halloween. Although, the idea may be fun and festive, you must think about the disadvantages of having an event on an already large holiday. Traffic could cause delayed arrivals, venues to be limited, and pricing may be escalated.

Choose the right date that works for you and your plans. If planning a wedding, this will be the day you celebrate every year for the rest of your lives. If planning a small event like a birthday, you have all the freedom of the world. It’s your party and you plan it how you want to!

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