Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More!

In a special new series, The Hip Event will be sharing our top 10 steps to planning the perfect event for any occasion. We will be sharing our favorite tips and tricks to achieving the perfect party. Share with us your own personal tips by using the hashtag #TipTuesday!

Today’s Tip: Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More.

The most important step to planning any type of event or party is to establish the basics. Who? What? Where? When? And Why? Who are you throwing the party for? (best friend or a local store opening) What type of party is it going to be? (large and upscale or small and low-key) Where is your party going to be held? (a venue or keeping it local at your home) When should your party be? (summer BBQ or a winter gala) And why are you throwing this party? (birthday or just because!)

The most important tip for planning any type of event or party is to stay organized. Our favorite way to stay organized is by using lists. To-do lists and checklists make any type of planning easier and more efficient. Keep a notebook and make sure to write everything down and you won’t regret it!

Always make sure to plan accordingly. Give yourself months in advance to plan for larger events where booking a venue, hiring a caterer and entertainment is needed. Throwing a last-minute party? Keep everything simple and organized and you can achieve anything.

The options are endless when throwing a party, so staying organized by using lists and planning accordingly you can host a party everyone will remember.


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