PR Challenges For Hair Salons

When creating a strategic campaign for a hair salon client, a pr agency must take in consideration many factors. At the top of this list are budget, marketing and advertising concerns. However, with the wonders of our integrated world and the strength of a seasoned pr firm, a hair salon is in good hands.

Publicity as Marketing
There are a limited number of hair salons with multiple locations but even for those larger companies, marketing and advertising budgets are tight. To offset budgetary concerns and limit potential ad spend, pr specialists focus on creating events that bring with it valuable word of mouth marketing opportunities. Furthermore, having you’re a hair salon client host an event, or sponsor events with charitable nonprofit organizations bring increased exposure and less financial hassle.

Imagine offering up your services and space to an organization that supports terminally ill patients or even perhaps teaching an afternoon seminar to at-risk youth, displaying the skill and influence stylists or salon owners have with impacting their local community.

The key is to draw attention to the salon as a central fixture of beauty, expertise, and community. Special event tie-ins will help draw considerably positive attention with little cost to the client.

Highlight the Attributes
Much like the job of the stylists themselves, the job of a public relations firm is to highlight the client’s attributes. What services does the client offer? What are they known for? When garnering press for local or national publications consider the expertise of the stylists. Perhaps one of the stylists is known for creating off-the-wall looks for customers in the vane of Lady Gaga, in which case, make sure your contacts know!

Additionally, highlight other services offered such as nail services or massages. Customers of hair salons are looking for more than just a hair cut, they want an experience. Just see what Gatsby Salon of Green Brook, NJ has done!

The Right Tools
Choosing the right tools for your client’s pr marketing needs can be just as important as the content of the work. Hair salons offer a unique opportunity in our digitally connected world—human contact. The hair salon is a communal place, so how do you connect with customers in the greater community space?

Social media is a tailor made tool for reaching, interacting with and responding to customers. Like any other business, a hair salons brand and name are at the whim of community criticism. By utilizing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, a public relations firm can leverage the power of their community to gain greater exposure and influence by having a presence in the center of the community’s conversation. And the best part about it? It fits the budget!

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