Public Relations

As an essential tool in linking organizations to consumers, public relations remains a vital part of every business strategy. Tactical public relations practices and campaigns have been successful in reflecting a positive brand image of a product or service among target consumers. Now more than ever, businesses are learning just how important a public relations program can be, increasing their brand exposure among consumers, media and other businesses. Effective PR campaigns drive down the need for advertising, saving businesses money while increasing their potential for sales.

What was once a way to connect a brand to the public has now become and all encompassing field which includes events, media relations, consumer relations, business relations and social communication relations. Public relations has even grown to include brand and reputation management, to ensure that key messages are being relayed to the public and portrayed in the correct light that a company deems melds with their core values.

The Hip Event is a public relations firm that is focused on results. Our out-of-the-box, creative strategies allow us to provide our clients with exposure on both the national and local front. From Elle and The New York Times to New Jersey Monthly and The Star Ledger, our public relations reach spans both locally and nationally with a specialty in fashion, beauty, entertainment and nightlife. Having been able to successfully connect our clients with their specific consumer targets in innovative and effective ways, The Hip Event has become a go-to public relations agency in the tri-state area because of our ability to meld, hip fresh ideas with proven PR tactics.

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The key to a successful beauty public relations campaign lies with fresh ideas and creative new concepts to promote a product, service or business. With a competitive market, the beauty world has been inundated with hundreds of new products a year and new salons and health care offices opening up every week.
With a strategic public relations campaign, your beauty product, business or service can be effectively promoted through various media outlets and social media networks to ensure that you are reaching your target consumer and gaining more fans. The Hip Event combines effective media relations outreach strategies with sensational consumer driven events and celebrity relations services to create a unique topic of discussion and put your product, service or business in the forefront of everyone’s mind.
Top health and beauty professionals come to The Hip Event for public relations representation, product placement opportunities and event management services. Our outstanding track record has made us the go-to agency for salon and spa owners as well as top Doctors in the tri-state area. Whether you’re launching an innovative new beauty product or looking to gain more exposure for your existing brand, The Hip Event has the know-how to connect your business with top beauty and fashion magazines to gain additional awareness among your target consumer.
If you have a beauty business, product or service that you want the public to know about, contact The Hip Event for details on how a successful public relations campaign can help!


In the competitive and ever-changing world of entertainment, an agency should be on the cutting edge of practices and knowledge to leverage public relations, marketing and events in your favor. Our vast understanding of the entertainment industry goes past the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and delves deeper into what makes the industry tick.
Our work with music, television, film and celebrity clients and deep knowledge and understanding of the entertainment world gives us a leg up on the competition. Through constant connectivity within the entertainment business we are able to unite our clients to press-worthy, celebrity-driven events and opportunities that will successfully create buzz around a person or brand.
With a boutique size but big agency attitude, The Hip Event is able to provide our entertainment clients with the hands-on attention that they need and the big ideas that will make them household names. Whether it’s cast members from Jerseylicious,an emerging indie band or celebrity-driven concerts or events, we are able to effectively drive media and consumer attention surrounding our entertainment clients, creating effective public relations campaigns that put our clients in the spotlight and help to make our clients a household name.
If you are interested in The Hip Event’s entertainment public relations services, contact us today to see how we can help make you the next big thing on the pages of the celebrity weeklies!


The world of fashion is one of the most competitive landscapes today. With established and emerging designers fighting for pages in Vogue and Elle and runway space at large and small fashion shows across the world, public relations has become the most important tool for the fashion industry. Effective fashion public relations strategies include more than just media relations, but extend to celebrity relations and also consumer driven events. With the right amount of exposure and creative ways to attract buzz around a fashion brand, public relations outreach ensures that a brand will last for years to come.
With experience in fashion public relations for Hugo Boss, May Department Stores and Neiman Marcus, The Hip Event provides you with insider expertise into the fashion world. Spearheading the planning and management of countless fashion show productions The Hip Event supplies a dedicated team to make your event success from start to finish, generating positive publicity in the process. The Hip Event founder and president was featured on Extra on two different occasions for both her expertise in fashion and keen sense of style.
Whether you are launching an emerging fashion brand, introducing a new line at a runway show or are opening up a boutique fashion store, The Hip Event can create a successful public relations campaign that puts you in the eye of your target consumer and backs your business with measurable sales results.