Qualities to look for in an Event Services Broker—Part Two

Part one of this blog covered what an Event Services Broker (ESB) is and the benefit to seeking out their services for your next big event. I left off with the first 5 of the 10 qualities to look for in an ESB: Honesty, Monetary Sensitivity, Quality Control, Endurance, and “Inside Track” Advantage. Below are the next 5 qualities.

6. Composure – Keeping the peace is a full time job for any ESB. Acting as a mediator when families blend and offering a plethora of ideas and opinions is an art. The ESB is calm day in and day out. The effect is one which sets the tone for a client so that she/he becomes a guest at her/his own events.

7. Free Thinking – No two clients and no two events are ever exactly alike. So, cookie cutter solutions to challenges that arise in the design and planning processes are not desirable. The visionary ESB draws from personal experiences as a guest at a variety of events. Many options emerge from such a concrete base of knowledge in the face of creative challenge. The solutions have the fingerprints of the ESB, as well as those of the client, all over them.

8. Point Person – The old adage that there are “too many chefs in the kitchen” rings true to this day. One talented ESB dismisses any call to contract multiple coordinators. A single person oversees and delegates any event so that there will not be any confusion as to pricing or service. Contract review by a single set of eyes easily eliminates duplication of services and unclear monetary allocations. Increases in number of guests on a list are typical. The ESB brings down staffing numbers as the number of invitations grows.

9. Follow Up – Familiarity with preferences in communication formats allows the ESB to follow up on a regular basis. Phone calls. Texts. Emails. Hard copy letters. One-to-one meetings and consultations. Once again, listening to how a client wishes to be contacted helps to keep the channels of communication open and relaxed.

10. Love – Inherent in the title “ESB” is the concept of love for the job. When the ESB loves what she/he does for a living then the job is done with a flair. When the job is one well done then it is deemed “successful.” Word of a successful ESB spreads quickly and a lifetime of amazing events follows!

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