Save Money by Cooking Your Own Food!

The Hip Event’s eighth step for planning the perfect event for any occasion.

Today’s Tip: Save Money by Cooking Your Own Food!

When hosting a party, most can say the food is the most enjoyable part. Having a good menu is not only the most enjoyable, but also the most memorable. You will want to have your guests leaving thinking about the amazing shrimp cocktail that they will be envisioning for days.

The never-ending reminder of a theme, will never not be relevant for any part of the party planning process. Like I have previously stated, themes are important and make your life a whole lot easier. A Mexican fiesta will, of course, call for tacos and margaritas and a Chinese New Year is never complete without spring rolls and stir fry.

Besides a theme, the occasion is also very important. If this is a retirement party, you may choose to serve full courses, whereas if you are hosting a short charity event you may just want to serve hors’doeuvres. The time in which you plan your party is reflective of how much food you are going to serve. Earlier in the day calls for lighter food and less of it. Later in the night and longer the party, the food has a bigger role.

Also keep in mind the number of guests you are having. Tying back to one of our previous tips of sticking to budget, you may want to choose to plan your party earlier in the day to avoid spending so much money on food and caterers. Another money-saving tip could be to cook the food yourself and offer self-serve. Of course, this requires more time and effort, but you can boast to your guests that the food was handmade by their very own host.

Another fun advantage to cooking your own food, is that you can personalize anything to reflect the party you are having. One of the more looked forward events of the night is, of course, dessert. By doing the desserts yourself you can personalize and create memorable food that your guests will love. You can create some stuff that you cannot buy from caterers and that’s what will make your party stand out. If your needing some dessert inspiration you can head over to Pinterest and you will find a million and one ideas perfect for any party you are having.

Food comes and it goes, but having food that everyone can remember and talk about days later is a party thrown well done.



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