Self Image First

Hey Everyone!

 My name is Emily and I’m a intern here at The Hip Event! I’m loving every second of it and do you want to know why?! ….. our office is covered in HOT PINK! Nothing is better than walking in every morning and seeing matching pink chairs accented with brown pillows and a matching rug. I mean how fabulous! But we’re not called The Hip Event for nothing…. The office is glamorous because it’s all about image in the PR world. But most importantly it’s about self image.

 At The Hip Event we are trying to increase brand exposure and create a “hype” about a brand, but the first focus is yourself. To ensure a positive self image, confidence is key. If you are confident in yourself others, especially new coworkers and bosses, will see this and respect you even if you are the “new team member.” So next time you’re trying to make a first impression walk with your head up and a smile ear to ear.

 The next thing that is a pre-requisite for a great self image is personal style. Whether it’s your shoes, hair color, make up, nail color make it a representation of you. This will show your coworkers your personality and reflect who you are as a person.

 Today I am wearing pink nail polish and leopard shoes and I’m hoping they come to learn that I am a very loud and eccentric person. Create a “hype” about yourself, be known for something and keep up with people’s expectations of you, especially in the office, because that’s what this industry is about.

 Self image is number one before branding any clients image. So here are a few tips to guarantee that you’re the new “buzz” of the office.

Love Always,


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