Set Yourself a Budget and Some!

The Hip Event’s fourth step for planning the perfect event for any occasion.

Today’s Tip: Set Yourself a Budget and Some.

An important step in planning any event is setting a budget. Setting a budget is easy, but sticking to that budget is a bit tricky. Of course when planning we have the tendency to keep spending money, forget the budget, and regret unnecessary purchases afterwards. I think everyone can relate to this situation in any circumstance.

Setting a budget can help you organize your buying process. Prioritizing the more important purchases above less important purchases can help you spend your more more wisely. For example, most of your budget will go towards a venue, entertainment, and a menu rather than decorations because an event is not as successful if the guests have nothing to eat, but a party hat on their head.

The most money-saving strategy to use when you’re dealing with smaller budget is to skip renting a venue all together and opt for a party at your home or even a friend’s home (with their permission, of course!). This leaves you with extra money that you maybe wanted to spend on your favorite band to come and play for your guests.

A lot more costs go into planning an event than people think. The most important thing is to set a budget that you are comfortable with and giving yourself some “wiggle” room, so if costs do go a little over you are aware of it. Prioritizing the more important items to purchase is important and saving money where you can is always a plus.


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