Marketing a product the right way is important when trying to build a successful brand or business. To succeed in selling a product or service a business needs to both understand their goals and their target consumer to effectively drive sales. Melding marketing with effective public relations practices allows you to successfully “sell” a product to intended consumers, promoting a service or product in the best way possible.

The Hip Event can help develop your brand and move you to the next level in consumerism with our lifestyle marketing programs. From graphic design and promotional plans to website development and driving traffic to social media outlets, The Hip Event creates integrated marketing plans that allow you to effectively reach your target consumer. Our grassroots marketing efforts allow us to craft strategic partnerships on a company’s behalf and align our clients with other businesses, celebrities and facilitate community relations. Coupled with effective media and public relations strategies, our lifestyle marketing programs are designed to cater to a world that is constantly in search of the next big company, product or service and deliver measurable sales results.

Now more than ever, social networking has seeped into everyone’s daily routine, making effective online public relations campaigns pivotal to the growth of a business. The social networking craze has become a staple for thousands of businesses across the globe, allowing them to directly connect to their target consumer and fans of the product or service. Social networking sites allow a business to effectively market, publicize and promote their business to the people whom really matter most to the continued success of their brand.
With online being the fastest news source, social networking sites allow a business to engage with existing and potential customers faster, more directly and more easily than traditional print outreach. Creating a buzz around a brand has never been easier – with the click of a mouse you can relay messages to thousands of fans and followers and engage them in unique online public relations campaigns that will effectively create awareness and excitement.
Finding new ways to communicate with target audiences through the internet is one of The Hip Event’s specialties. We are on the forefront of new social medium platforms that are cutting-edge and connect businesses to the public. We develop targeted communication plans and build and maintain your profiles so that both your fanbase and business continue to grow. Utilizing strategic online public relations tactics that are meant to create buzz and awareness around your brand we provide you with cutting edge social communication strategies that prove creative and effective.

For more information on The Hip Event’s social communications management programs, send us an email or give us a call at 973-707-7125.