Solving PR Challenges: Using the Right Tools for the Job

If one word can define the nature of public relations it is Strategic. From phone calls made to the layout of a step-and-repeat and everything in between, pr specialists make specific choices based upon client needs and campaign objectives. But the will to succeed alone is not always enough. To aid in their campaign progress, public relations agencies will leverage campaign strategies with tools befitting their needs.

In the instant-on, digital age, a mailed press release or TV and radio ad doesn’t always suffice. Messages are no longer delivered purely on a long lead schedule but almost instantly. Today, the proverbial PR tool chest includes extensive email databases, e-faxes, interconnected journalistic databases and of course, social media platforms.

How and where information is disseminated is now largely based on client or targeted public market demographics and psychographics. The options afforded the pr specialist are numerous indeed, however, the end goal of public relations is to engage and influence targeted audiences where they congregate. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are some of these tools.

Although not the end-all-be-all for marketing and pr campaigns, social media public relations allow for a much greater convergence of traditional and non-traditional media sources. Print media will pick up on digital pr tactics and niche blogging communities will pick up real world events, completing this mutually beneficial cycle.

As purveyors of the modern internet pr world, at The Hip Event we often find ourselves leveraging social media as part of our clients overall strategy. We make sure your event, business, or brand is seeing a true return on its goals.

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