Solving Unique PR Challenges

Here at The Hip Event, our day-to-day activities have us filling out almost every minute. Like most public relations firms we are busy writing press releases, pitching stories to magazines, following up with clients, or setting up the next big cross-promotional event. There’s always something to be done. In such a fast paced business it can be hard to rise above the crowd and stand out.

One thing we truly pride ourselves on is taking the time to sit down, brain storm and create and pitch unique events or stories for each of our clients. Effective public relations strategies should always include being creative with the needs of your clients. Take into consideration the type of business your client runs, the community where it is located and the behaviors of the target audience when creatively strategizing about your client’s PR campaign. Staying informed about your clientele will make it easy to take advantage of opportunities that will present themselves. Your team needs to be ready to greet that French pastry loving hip-hop artist with a spread to make all of Paris say “Mon Dieu!” because your client’s specialty is creating to-die-for French pastries.

Being creative can be time consuming, especially with so much to do! But aiding your clientele on a personal level to reach their audiences with fresh and unique content will pay off in the long haul.

Remember: public relations specialists not only help market and drive traffic to businesses but also build creative, long-lasting impressions that help sustain business brands for years to come.

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