SONY Gives Thanks with Kidville Montclair

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Kidville Montclair is hosting a Grateful Holiday show with SONY children’s recording artist Eric WaldMan, stage name Bobby Beetcut. Eric recently put out a new album “Beetcut and the Magic Box” which he will be previewing as well as children’s classics for sing-a-longs at this feel good holiday show.

Family Roots Music is music parents can “plant” their kids into. Like good soil, these songs will help root kids in messages of confidence, health and universal values to help grow healthy, happy and balanced children.

WaldMan shares his thoughts on the album, “I have always intended to inspire people through music and I know my calling is to help bring families together. What an honor!”

“Beetcut and the Magic Box” is currently available on iTunes. For more information on Eric WaldMan visit For further information on his newest endeavor as Bobby Beetcut visit

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