Support your SEO Efforts by Evaluating Your Website

Knowing how people are connecting and searching for your business can be hard to determine. But in this crazy web 2.0 world, what’s a public relations specialist to do?

Evaluating your business’s website or blog can shine the light on many of your SEO strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some suggestions on what to look for and how to get started (psst…it’s all free!):

1) Broken links and site redirections.

One of the last things you want to happen when someone visits your business on the web is for them to be unable to navigate properly to and from the site. Broken links and redirects can stop potential new clients or reporters seeking information about your public relations firm from getting to the heart of your business. Visit to see if everything is working properly.

2) Website speed optimization.

In the digital PR world, how fast you can access information is almost as important as the information itself. When something was due yesterday, every second counts. Visiting will analyze the various speeds at which users connect to your site and recommends what you should do to rectify potential problems. Most of it will seem like just tech jargon but, if you read between the lines, what it could be telling you is the difference between making the pitch or losing the client.

3) Accessibility is key.

Just as important as what a site says is how it looks. Font size issues and off-centered headers could impede access to your site. Here are two links that will aide in identifying accessibility issues: and

4) Traffic stats and search analytics.

An excellent site to visit for PR agencies is Here you can view detailed information regarding traffic and pageviews, highest grossing search queries, and even some audience demographics. Sites like this can be an invaluable tool when looking for insights into your active SEO efforts. Knowing what keywords are being used to access your site can lead your business, or the business of your clients, to new heights.

5) Google is not only your friend. It’s your best friend.

It’s well known the exacting power Google has over the world of SEO but did you know you can quickly and easily see a bit of what Google sees? Pulling up the search field at, enter the following: [link:http:// PLACE YOUR URL HERE]. The subsequent search results show how many other sites are linking to your own. It’s always good to know who’s got your back.

While most of this data mining may seem like something only your website developer or SEO specialist cares for, knowing what your support staff is looking for can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency.

Any public relations services with a marked engagement in social media will tell you, its hip to be ahead of the curve. The information your business provides—via web based platforms or other traditional media channels—is key to attracting new clients and others interested in helping your business thrive.

Make sure you’re seeing the whole picture.

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