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Philadelphia’s own PYT, today’s top burger innovators, have recently announced that they will be expanding their burger franchise. You heard it right. The inventors of some of today’s craziest and most fantastic burgers will be beginning their expansion by opening their doors in New York and DC. After over five months of negotiation, they decided to finally make a deal with Fransmart, the company responsible for franchising fan favorites such as Five Guys, Elevation Burger, and more.

Tommy Up, the mastermind behind PYT, has gained national attention for his outrageous burger creations. He has gone as far as making buns out of fried rice noodle cakes (Pho Burger), fired lasagna (The Lasanga Burger), and the all time favorite: The Bacon Shell Burger (exactly how it sounds). I don’t think any one could really expect anything less from a burger joint whose name stands for “Pick Your Topping.” They take the concept of the customer choosing whatever they feel necessary to go on their burger and reinvent then it by already having the craziest ideas already out there to choose from. As crazy as all the burgers sound though, they taste even that much better! PYT is Zagat rated and leaves customers who come from all over satisfied in the fact that they lived up to the hype and delivered a burger unlike any other.

So in honor of PYT Philly announcing that they are franchising, we decided to take the time out and give all of our “HIPsters” some of our thoughts on the best burger joints in our area.

Five Guys

Being known as America’s favorite burger chain, it should go without saying that Five Guys is one of the most popular burger franchises in the nation and for a good reason. If you are ever just craving a delicious burger, but don’t feel like going to a fancy restaurant or slumming to McDonalds, Five Guys is guaranteed to satisfy. With over 1,000 locations in 47 states you are sure to find one close by.  We would love to recommend our favorite off the menu, but everything is just fabulous. What we do recommend though is always adding a side of fries. Five Guys gets their potatoes imported from a new location daily and they are always fresh, clean cut, and delicious. Oh, and don’t forget about the complimentary peanuts they supply. Who doesn’t love it?


Smashburger started off by asking themselves, “shouldn’t there be a place that burger lovers could call their own and feel pride in recommending to their friends and family?” Well that is exactly what this burger joint does for their loyal customers and the community as a whole. All of their handcrafted burgers are smashed, seared and seasoned to order. Whether you choose our Classic Smashburger or decide to create-your-own, you can always expect the great taste of that juicy burger you have been craving. They also offer a plethora of additional side order options and other meal deals. Our favorite burger from them happens to be the original Smashburger added with their fried onions, which are basically prepared to crispy perfection. And don’t be afraid to add a milkshake at the end of your order. We promise you will not regret it.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack started off as a lone hot-dog cart in Madison Square Park of Manhattan and is now one of the most talked about burger places out there. That fact alone should speak for how amazing their food is. They have since expanded and have various locations in the New York City as wells as Philly, DC, and more. If you are ever in the city for a day trip or whatever the reason may be, it should definitely be the eatery of choice. Their whole menu will have your mouth watering at first glimpse, but everyone knows that the first time you go you must have a burger. Select any one out of their wide variety of options and top it with whatever your heart desires. We have yet to hear one bad review about the all time favorite burger joint therefore, they must be doing it right. There is really something special about this place and the food is just that added value.

Well now that our mouth is watering and our stomachs are left grumbling, it’s time to go out and visit one of these locations. We are so excited about PYT coming to the tri-state area and we will be the first ones in line when they open their doors in NYC. Now if only In-N-Out Burger could do the same and make its way to the east coast!


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