Tying Your Business to Charity With PR

An effective tool in public relations and marketing is getting your business involved in charitable events throughout your community. Many businesses choose to donate to a local nonprofit organization, while others choose to take on a bigger role and host special events to raise funds for specific organizations.

When our client, Dieci Lifestyle Spa, wanted to host an event to benefit Susan G. Komen, we were excited at the chance to marry the salon business with a fun and unique event that brought awareness and raised funds for breast cancer research. We could have held a gala or auction, but we really wanted to get across the upscale nature of our client while touching on a young, hip audience, so The Hip Event created a high-energy fashion and hair show that melded beauty, music, shopping and charity. Not only did we raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research but we were able to create a unique fashion event that served out client and the local community.

Non-profit, or charity public relations has become a unique tool to gain awareness for a businesses and the charitable organizations. Dieci Lifestyle Spa’s Scratch the Surface event not only helped gained awareness and donations for a Susan G. Komen, but it also helped to put our client in the spotlight. Our public relations efforts surrounding this event helped our client gain notoriety in the local community as well as salon industry and they were featured in a variety of news outlets including: The Star Ledger, Day Spa and WXRK’s 92.3 NOW!

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