Vintage Never Goes Out of Style


If we wanted to be literal, the term “vintage” is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old. Vintage clothing is a representative of the era in which it was produced, just like what you wear represents who you are. Vintage is also exemplified as a style, dressed up in a way that usually consists of a classic design and is accessorized in such a way that it hints at specific period of fashion. Also, every era of fashion had a different way of flattering the body, so virtually anyone could adapt to a vintage style and pull it off. For example, the 40’s were a time that was great for a more curvy shape because the tailoring was more defined at the waist.

Now we want to emphasize the fact is that there are limited amounts of vintage clothing; therefore you really need to know where to shop for it. The best local resources are always thrift shops, Salvation Army stores, and possibly charity shops in wealthy neighborhoods. Etsy is also a great resource for fabulous vintage finds. Many people love vintage clothing, but not everyone loves the fact that you have to go to secondhand stores to grab some of the best finds. There are many designers and boutiques out there that offer clothing that tailor to those who have a more vintage taste. One of those people happens to be Cameron Silver, world-renowned designer, red carpet trendsetter and owner of Decades; a couture vintage boutique that brought a new standard to everyday dress in Hollywood.

Silver’s boutique is the world’s leader in vintage and modern pre-loved luxury clothing and accessories. Decades is known for finding beautiful, timeless vintage and modern pieces like no one else. With his expert knowledge of the fashion industry, Silver has been able to obtain pristine and luxurious pieces from Alaia, Hermes and Dior vintage glamour. Most recently, he’s collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger, for whom he curated a capsule collection containing vintage pieces. Nine West also recently enlisted him to design a (wildly successful) capsule collection.

Now get this. Cameron Silver is coming to our area and bringing some prime pieces from his collection with him. On Wednesday, April 9th, the Montclair Arts Museum rings in their 100th Birthday with an afternoon of glitz and glam with special guest speaker none other than, Cameron Silver. The museum welcome’s Silver all the way from his L.A. hometown for a luncheon, lecture and vintage trunk show of his rare couture finds.  East coast residents can enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Silver and shop his collection in-person during this specially-curated event. Silver will take each guest though a century of fashion, which will include; his inspiration on choosing the right garments for his celebrity clients, his red carpet commentary and his most recent place in Hollywood as a Bravo hit reality television star on,  “The Duke of Melrose”.  If you have the chance to make it to the event, I wouldn’t miss out. For more information about that, you can visit and reserve a spot today!

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