Welcoming 2014!

There are few things ladies love more than a good pampering and since it is a New Year, we thought some at home spa tips would be a lovely way to wipe the slate clean and usher in the New You! Here are some simple tips on how to do just that…


1. Treat yourself to healthier meals

2. Light candles

3. Catch up on Magazines

4. Play music

5. Take a bath

6. Give and get a massage from your significant other 

7. Brew your own loose leaf tea 

8. Buy a new robe from Brookstone, they’re too comfy not to!

9. Embrace nap-time…

10. …with cucumbers on your eyes for 15

11. Make a fruit smoothie 

12. Do an at home deep-condition hair treatment

13. Warm-up your lotion before applying

14. Exfoliate 

15. LED Lamps are reasonably priced at CVS for an at-home gel mani

16. Soak your feet in green tea

17. Dance the night away, the way you can only do in your bedroom

18. Try a facial mask

19. Unplug: Phone, Internet, TV free for 24 hours

20. Curl up with a good book

21. Give yourself quiet time: Meditate

22. Do a work-out tape

23. Heat your towels and robe by throwing them in the dryer for 10 minutes

24. Use essential oils on your skin (Hint: Vitamin E recommended)

25. And finally…

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