Your “To Do” the Day Of

Continuing the topic of “To Do” lists before, during and after an event, we come to the Day Of.

The Day of “To Do” is less of a traditional list than the Day Before and the Day After. Whether you’re a corporate executive, the party host, or the bride-to-be, any special event the Day Of should be one of involvement and enjoyment. Putting your best suit and foot forward is what is necessary in order to set the tone for an overwhelming success story.

Me, Myself, You and I
Take a few moments to step into the shoes of your guests. An organized time line offers a walkthrough that allows you to breathe with more ease and to see the big picture in very little time. It’s also a refresher course for both the event point person and for the vendors convening (possibly for the first time before the event) as a team. A second round of heartfelt thanks to everyone who has worked so hard up until the Day Of is an important morale boost and party favor.

You Get What You Give
The lull in activity before the special event is a perfect time to step back into your own shoes, stop in your tracks, and take in the “wow” factor of the venue. Take one final look and never look back again. Focus on the overall positive atmosphere of what’s to come and leave the nitpicking of details to the Event Services Broker (ESB) and vendor team! Give yourself permission to relinquish all control to this team. Concentrate on managing only your smile and good vibe. Remember: You are responsible for setting the tone for all who share the Day Of with you!

ESB as the Event V.I.P.
An ESB is a figurehead outside of the camera flash or applause of the crowd. If any real “To Do” list exists then it’s in the hands of the ESB (or the coordinator hired for the position). Early arrival to the venue is mandatory in order to secure control over an entire event. Sound, light and security checks are run as equipment is loaded in. Decor is given the once-over, as are hidden treasures such as comfort baskets in the restrooms. Weather conditions are assessed for last minute shifts in flow. Finally, the ESB distributes any remaining vendor payments and a third hearty round of thanks is given to everyone operating flawlessly behind the scenes.

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