Your Venue is The First Impression!

The Hip Event’s fifth step for planning the perfect event for any occasion.

Today’s Tip: Your Venue is The First Impression

Location. Location. Location. I am sure we have all heard this at some point in our lives. Emphasized three times really shows the importance of picking a great location. When guests arrive to an event, they first take in the entire room, because this is where your guests are going to spend the rest of their night. Think of your venue as the first impression for your guests. Of course, dressed up with your own décor adds to it, but the location you choose says a lot.

New Jersey has a ton have great venues. Looking to host a birthday party you and your friends won’t forget? 4Sixty6 Caterers, 46 Lounge, Halo Lounge, and SPACE are all great locations for a birthday party. Family reunion, anniversary, or any other family function? Perfect locations include Nanina’s in the Park, The Chandelier, Highlawn Pavilion and Bella Napoli are all beautiful, upscale locations for any occasion.

New Jersey has a ton of awesome locations for any occasion and any event. Being so close to the city, NJ offers a variety of stunning waterfront locations, being near to the ocean gives options to host a party by the beach and everything else in between! With so many great venues, choosing from such a large selection is the hard part!


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